CASE STUDY: Digital Content Streaming Service


A Digital Content Streaming Service was looking to configure their Elasticsearch cluster. The organization was looking to update their system to an ultra-fast search that has the ability to support 5000 transaction per second (TPS) to service 2.2 milliion customers. Weblink Technologies was brought in to work with their technologist and architects to complete the configuration.

Our Roles

  • Elasticsearch Strategist
  • Elasticsearch Implementer

The Problem

The technologists and architects needed assistance from an Elasticsearch specialist in order to configure Elasticsearch cluster to achieve ultra-fast results.

The Solution

We implemented 5 Expert Level Elasticsearch Optimizations that helped them to achieve the ultra-fast search. Before implementing we started with a Search Application Assessment to assess the current configuration and identify areas of improvement. Some findings were:

  • At anytime 20% of 2.2 million+ users could browse for content switching using personalized content ribbons
  • Users typically channel surfed switching between multiple digital channels and content ribbons

Leveraging know anti-patterns and solutions as well as using years of experience and expertise to tune the search Weblink was able to exceed client expectations.

The Results

Weblinks completed the project on time and on budget. The results were:

  1. 99th percentile response times below 400 ms
  2. Improved end-user experience with faster response and content display based on improved analytics and rules
  3. Faster content ribbon rendering at 600 to 1800 transactions per second
  4. Increased screen rendering times by 60%
  5. Decreased software licensing costs by over $500,000
  6. Decreased hardware costs by lowering the hardware footprint
  7. Reduced network payload size by 50%

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