Search Technology Expertise


Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTtul search and analytics engine capable of solving a


Logstash is an open source, server-side data processing pipeline that takes in data from multiple sources at once, transfoming and sending it to a “stash· such as ElasticSearch.


Kibana helps you visualize ElasticSearch data 


Beats is a single purpose data shipper platform that sends data from machines to Logstash or ElasticSearch


Formerty known as X-Packs, Stack Features are enterprise-grade security APls shipped with each Elastic Stack.

Managed support is ideal for companies that don’t have the resources to staff QA, maintenance and DevOps teams in house. It’s also an excellent choice when there is a temporary need of assistance. We’re glad to coordinate with your staff to ensure that they are ready to take on support and maintain when the time comes. Managed services also brings predictability in terms of cost of tech support.Contact us to discuss your specific use case.

Custom ElasticSearch Solutions

We start with an assessment to create a search specific to your company's use case.