ElasticSearch Experts

With over 20 years of experience, our team of ElasticSearch Experts work by side by side with clients – on site or virtually – to understand their specific data needs. From there we collaborate on strategies and solutions to meet them.

Our Sales team works to build trusted relationships with our clients, necessary for navigating through the world of big data and search.

Our Consultants are as versed as our solutions architects at assessing client needs and guiding solutions. They work to extend the started by our sales team and help to ensure clear communications between client and solution architects.

Our Solution Architects study all things ElasticSearch enabling them to solution using the latest strategies, methodologies and techniques.

The team reflects the high standard of service and partnership set forth by the Executive Team, headed by Doug Miller.

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Working with Us

Dedicated Team

Our team members come to know and understand our clients enabling a successful progression to project goals.

Time or Project Based Billing

Flexible billing available, whether you need us for a few hours or on a project basis.  From estimate to final, billing done your way.

Custom Solutions

Each project has solutions created from scratch and especially for you.

Real-time Support

Timely response for issues enabling you for a powerful infrastructure

Our team of experts help you avoid:

  • Delayed release of key enhancements or features
  • Overprovisioning of hardware
  • Purchasing uneeded and costly software licenses
  • Under performing Search Clusters

Let Weblink Technologies join your team as your ElasticSearch expert