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A Closer Look at Our 8-Step Process

At Weblink Technologies, our 8-step action plan ensures that we deliver the best products and services to you.  We believe the sequence and organization of these steps help to keep engagement simple and transparent.

Tell us about your situation and we’ll work through – together – how we can help you improved your elasticsearch strategy.

Keep reading to learn more about hour proven 8-step plan.


Tell us about your situation and we’ll be in touch in 1 business day


With information from the initial meeting, our team creates an initial plan of action that we use for an initial estimate. During this multi-day process your account manager will make regular contact with questions and status updates.


Approving our initial engagement plan, is the start of the Discovery Phase. This is where we deep dive into your requirements. Team interviews and legacy system review provide background for the recommendations we make about your resource needs, hardware needs and overall architecture. We provide a development plan, costs and deadlines. 


During the contract process, we ensure all parties are on the same page by outlining what we’ll do for you and build the team that will get things done.


We get to work designing, developing and testing.  How often you’re communicated to during this process is determined by your selected engagement model.


With testing complete, it’s time to deploy! During this exciting and nerve-wracking time, we’re right there with you, helping to ensure things go smoothly.


All projects, regardless of size,  require ongoing maintenance and support. All of our projects come with a built-in warranty.  Want to extend it? We can do that too. 


We share everything we’ve done and what’s left, along with recommendations for the future.  We remind you that we’ll be there should you need us again or just like knowing we’ve got your back.

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